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About Microsoft accounts

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Mojang will be migrating everyone’s Minecraft accounts to Microsoft accounts. If you haven’t, please read their announcement here, and then come back to read this article.

With this new change, the game’s login system will change significantly, and a lot of people are understandably concerned about what this means for the future of MultiMC, so we are making this post to hopefully put your minds at ease.

In the coming months, MultiMC will be updated to support the new login system. As of now, Mojang has not started the migration process, so we are hoping to support the new system before they begin migrating accounts, but we can’t guarantee that will happen.

If Mojang begins migrating accounts before MultiMC has been updated to support the new system, we advise that you wait until MultiMC is updated before migrating your account. If you migrate your account before MultiMC supports the new login system, you will not be able to use MultiMC until the new system is implemented.

Also, please do not fall prey to random internet strangers telling you to migrate your Mojang account before Mojang tells you it’s time to do so. You will be notified either in the vanilla launcher, or the website when logged in. Not a random internet page with a login form. We may also have something that notifies you in MultiMC in an upcoming update, but please verify that it is an official, unmodified build from

The migration should happen only through

Once MultiMC has implemented the new login system, we will post another article on here, and you will then be able to safely migrate your account and continue using MultiMC as before.

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