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Let's Talk About Forge

You may have noticed MultiMC currently doesn’t allow you to install Forge on Minecraft versions newer than 1.13. Unfortunately, Forge has added significant complications to their install process in their update to 1.13, which MultiMC can’t currently handle.

In order to install Forge now, we have to replicate this complicated process in MultiMC, and maintain it so that it stays up to date with whatever changes Forge makes.

Some people have suggested that we simply have MultiMC run the Forge installer in the background whenever you click “Install Forge”. This would break existing functionality and create more problems in the future. We aren’t going to implement it this way.

So, although it pains us to do this, we will be putting support for Forge on Minecraft 1.13 or newer on hold until there is a proper solution in place.

MultiMC will continue to support Forge on older versions of Minecraft as it always has.

If you want to play with mods on the newer versions of Minecraft with MultiMC now, Fabric works and is a perfectly good option to do so. There are plenty of Fabric mods available. For everything else, there is the vanilla launcher.

If you’d like to contribute to MultiMC, we would greatly appreciate your help. Come join us on Discord.

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