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0.4 out - Jar mods, UI changes, and more!

We’ve just released MultiMC 5, version 0.4!

This version brings many changes, including Jar mod support for 1.6+. @peterixxx started work on this feature a few months ago, but it quickly avalanched in to a bunch of new features, and eventually resulted in a reworked instance dialog (

The new dialog combines several of the old ones (including Edit Mods, Settings and Screenshots), and you’ll see a modified version of it when running instances. There’s also a new “Other Logs” page, which gives you the ability to view and upload all log files relating to the current instance.

This update also paves the way for QuickMods, which we hope to be able to release in the next major update.


And a note from @Drayshak:

Last month we passed the halfway mark for removing adverts from this website on Patreon! We’re grateful for your continued support, and hope we can completely get rid of adverts and devote more time to the project.

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