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0.3 - The big feature update.

We’re happy to announce a new version with a bunch of new features and bugfixes - MultiMC 5 Version 0.3!

Some of the changes include:

  • An improved instance view,
  • Overhauled 1.6+ loading,
  • New patch based system for modifying instances,
  • Better offline mode,
  • Improved clarity in some of the dialogs (for example, it’s clear when there are no Forge versions available),
  • Tooling support (including JProfiler, JVisualVM and MCEdit),
  • Screenshot management and uploading,
  • Fixed encoding of escape sequences (eg \t \n) in config files,
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes,
  • Full changelog available on GitHub.

Many thanks to @peterixxx, @02JanDal and Robotbrain for implementing the vast majority of these changes - go give them !

We’re also asking people what they next want in MultiMC - go fill the poll out so we can gauge how popular certain feature requests are.

As always, if you encounter bugs, come ask us for help in the IRC channel.

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