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MultiMC is a free, open source launcher for Minecraft, managed by @Forkk13and @peterixxx. It allows you to have multiple, separate instances of Minecraft (each with their own mods, texture packs, saves, etc) and helps you manage them and their associated options with a simple interface.

MultiMC 5 is now officially released - download links are below!


  • Manage multiple instances of Minecraft at once
  • Start Minecraft with a custom resolution
  • Change Java's runtime options (including memory options)
  • Shows Minecraft's console output in a colour coded window
  • Kill Minecraft easily if it crashes / freezes
  • Custom icons and groups for instances
  • Forge integration (automatic installation, version downloads, mod management)
  • LWJGL version changing built-in
  • Supports every version of Minecraft that the vanilla launcher does

Download & Install

Choose the download for your operating system below, extract the archive to a new folder and run it. If you're using Linux, remember to make it executable before you try to run it.

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Support us on Patreon!

We're running a Patreon campaign so that we can continue to pay for our server hosting costs, and make a little bit of money from this project which we put so much of our time into. $5 gets you a mention in the credits of the app, and at $100 a month total we'll remove all adverts from this website!

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Like MultiMC and have the ability to donate? We really appreciate it! Donations go towards food, code, and bills (probably in that order):


Wylker made a spotlight of MultiMC 5 for us! It contains some basic usage and outlines the core features. Watch it below!

Source Code

The source code for MultiMC (and this website) is hosted at GitHub.


  • Main window
  • Edit Mods
  • Edit version information
  • Console
  • Accounts
  • Java selection
  • Forge selection
  • Settings

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